Конгресс в Санкт-Петербурге в 2020 году




Dear friends!

On behalf of the Russian Culinary Association (RCA), I am pleased to extend my warmest greetings to all of you, our big world chefs’ family, and excited to announce that the bid of St. Petersburg to host the Worldchefs Congress 2020 has been qualified for the WACS final!

St. Petersburg is a legendary city. This is why the decision to choose it as a perspective host city in Russia has been encouraged and enthusiastically accepted by the RCA Board. 

'Northern Venice', 'Northern Palmyra', 'The White Nights City' – whichever the name it takes, one can immediately feel all mystery and grandeur the city of St. Petersburg incarnates.

Submitting the application to host the Worldchefs Congress 2020, we in RCA supported by the Government of St. Petersburg were carrying in mind the idea of displaying you the best features the city has today:



A new international terminal of St. Petersburg Pulkovo Airport launched in 2013, one of the main air hub connecting the city with more than 164 destinations all over the world. The contemporary design of the terminal developed by the London – based architect bureau, repeats the city’s well-known style – bridges, rivers, islands, and canals.



EXPOFORUM – a brand-new convention and exhibition centre, one of the biggest venues in the Eastern Europe, recently opened its congress-hall and already hosted one of the world-class events – St. Petersburg Economic Forum in 2016. The purpose-built 25 halls can immediately accommodate up to 10 000 people, offering comfortable spaces for smart conference logistics.


Incredible choice of historical and special venues – museums, palaces, noble families’ mansions – open to public and apt to host most remarkable and sophisticated networking parties of the Worldchefs Congress 2020 as well as for general attendance when free of the scheduled events. 


Our team is looking forward to seeing you at Worldchefs Congress 2016 in Greece! 

Sincerely yours,

Viktor Belyaev,
President of RCA,
Head of St. Petersburg 2020 Bidding Team

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World Association of Chefs' Societies

Russian Culinary Association

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